National Origin Discrimination Sample Letter

It is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee due to their ethnicity or national origin. Unfortunately, not all employers obey the law.

If you believe you have been the target of such discrimination, you can send a national origin discrimination letter to HR to alert them of your concerns. This guide will explain what to include in such a letter.

However, there is no guarantee the HR department will address the problem sufficiently. As such, you should be aware that you may need to discuss these matters with an employment attorney to determine if legal action is necessary.

What To Include In A National Origin Or Ethnicity Discrimination Letter 

When writing a national origin or ethnicity discrimination letter to HR, follow this basic format:

  • Introduction: Start with a clear subject line. Proceed to introduce yourself and your role at the company. Segue into the next section of the letter by explaining that you believe you have experienced illegal discrimination on the basis of your national origin.

  • Body: This should be the lengthiest section of your letter. It is where you will explain the specific nature of the discriminatory treatment you have endured. While you may explain how this mistreatment has negatively affected your emotional wellness, you should maintain a professional tone. When describing your experiences, be thorough and honest.
  • Conclusion: Finish your letter by suggesting next steps you believe would be appropriate. This is not the time to demand that anyone lose their job. Instead, for instance, you might request a meeting with HR.

Sample National Origin Or Ethnicity Discrimination Letter   

Dear [HR representative’s name]

I am [your name and your job]. I am writing to inform HR that I believe I have experienced national origin discrimination in the workplace. The following are specific examples of mistreatment I have experienced:

  • Various coworkers have used derogatory slurs for individuals of my ethnicity in my presence. My supervisor has not taken action to prevent this.
  • My coworkers have questioned whether someone of my national origin is capable of being loyal to the company.
  • I have noticed that my coworkers who do not share my ethnicity have had access to professional development opportunities that I have not had access to. This has prevented me from thriving in my role.

Thank you for reading. This is merely a general overview of my experiences. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with HR and discuss my concerns in greater detail. I would also be happy to answer any questions you may have for me.


[Your Name]

Get Help With Your Discrimination Claim 

When you believe you have been the victim of any form of workplace discrimination, reporting your experiences to HR is an essential step to take. That being said, you might also need to take legal action if HR fails to effectively remedy the problem.

It may be helpful to have proper legal representation from a workplace national origin and ethnicity discrimination lawyer in these circumstances. For more information about your legal options, complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page to get connected and speak with an employment attorney today.

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