Sexual Harassment Resources in California

Facing sexual harassment in the workplace can trigger a wide variety of physical, mental, and emotional issues. It can derail your career and disrupt personal relationships. Where do you turn for sexual harassment help?

The first place to turn is your employer. Your human resources manager should listen to what you have to say, and then initiate action if you present a compelling case. If you do not receive any help for sexual harassment from your employer, the State of California offers several sexual harassment resources that can help you stop the unlawful acts in the workplace.

For legal support, you should contact an employment attorney who is licensed to practice law in California

Administrative Resources

You have the right to file a sexual harassment claim against your employer with either the State of California or the federal government.

California requires you to file a sexual harassment claim with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH)even if you plan to file a civil lawsuit. The DFEH starts a thorough investigation that requires your employer to respond to every allegation of sexual harassment. You should know that if you file an administrative claim with DFEH on your own, the state agency will not appoint you legal counsel.

The California legislature enacted a law in 2020 that extends the deadline for filing a sexual harassment claim to three years. However, you should file your claim as soon as possible after the act of sexual harassment in the workplace. The DFEH handles a large number of cases each year, which can create a backlog of claims.

Women in film

Women in Film offers a comprehensive program to refer victims of sexual harassment to mental health counselors and law enforcement officials, as well as employment lawyers. You can reach Women in Film at 323-545-0333

Time’s Up

Time’s Up represents a legal defense fund that subsidizes legal support for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, Administered by the National Women’s Law Center, this administrative support program is one of the best sexual harassment resources for victims that have difficulty finding a lawyer.

Emergency Resources for Victims

If sexual harassment in the workplace morphs into a sex crime, you should reach out to the proper authorities to prosecute the perpetrator of the crime or crimes. Call 911 to report the sex crime and the local law enforcement agency should treat your call as an emergency. You have the right to file a criminal complaint on top of a claim for sexual harassment.

Taking immediate action is the key to prosecuting a sex crime. You should contact an attorney who conducts an exhaustive investigation to collect evidence. The local law enforcement agency will issue an official report that includes any physical evidence collected at the scene of the sex crime. Witness accounts also play a significant role in prosecuting the defendant.

Peace Over Violence

Peace Over Violence provides emergency services to victims of sex crimes and domestic violence. Services include advocacy and legal support.

Emotional Support Services

Like all states, California has set up a crisis hotline at 800-842-8467 to provide sexual harassment help and support for victims of sex crimes. Victims of sexual harassment and sex crimes face powerful emotional issues that can negatively spill over into their personal and professional lives. The organizations in California that support victims of sexual harassment and sex crimes provide much-needed sexual harassment resources to help victims cope with emotions such as guilt, shame, and embarrassment.

The Los Angeles Rape and Battering Hotline provides confidential emotional support, as well as refers victims to advocacy groups. Victims have three call center options in the greater Los Angeles metro area.

Central Los Angeles


South Los Angeles


West San Gabriel Valley


Get Legal Support Today

Sexual harassment cases often come down to the word of a victim against the word of the accused party. By speaking with an employment attorney, you receive the legal support that can make a difference for your claim. You should reach out to a lawyer right after the first act of sexual harassment. An attorney is one of the most influential sexual harassment resources that you can expect to find.

Schedule a free case evaluation today to get the sexual harassment help you deserve.

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