Sexual Harassment Resources in Illinois

Sexual harassment is a serious charge that the State of Illinois takes seriously. Your employer should take your claim seriously as well. Unfortunately, far too many employers ignore state and federal laws that protect workers against sexual harassment. If you face sexual harassment in the workplace, you should know you have several sexual harassment resources available to help you end the harassment, as well as receive just compensation for your pain and suffering.

One source of sexual harassment help in Illinois is an employment attorney who specializes in handling sexual harassment cases. You should be proactive and contact an employment lawyer right after the first incident of sexual harassment, as well as if you fell victim to a sex crime.

Administrative Resources

You have the right to pursue an administrative claim at the state and federals government levels. First, you need to let your employer know about the sexual harassment in the workplace claim. Your manager or a representative from the human resources department might discover you have received unwanted physical advances and/or heard repeated sexually offensive comments.

If your employer fails to act on your sexual harassment claim, call the Illinois Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Helpline at 877-236-7703. The Chicago Lighthouse Call Center has representatives answer phone calls from workers that have suffered sexual harassment in the workplace. You learn your options for reporting sexual harassment, as well as discover which of the sexual harassment resources offer the most support.

The Illinois Department of Human Rights investigates your sexual harassment claim, which must be kept confidential during the investigation. In addition to your confidentiality, the Illinois Department of Human Rights has the power to keep the names of witnesses confidential as well. You can file a sexual harassment claim with the Illinois Department of Human Rights by fax, phone, email, or United States Postal Service (USPS) mail.

For more information or to file a claim, you should access the Illinois Department of Human Rights website. The State of Illinois provides a helpline for victims of sexual harassment at work.

Emergency Resources for Victims

Sometimes, sexual harassment morphs into one or more criminal acts. If you are a victim of a sex crime, you should utilize the emergency resources that are available for victims.

Call 911 to activate the criminal investigation emergency service provided by the local police department. A detective should arrive at your workplace to conduct a thorough investigation. Many sex crimes take considerable time to process because of the collection of DNA. If you received one or more injuries because of a sex crime, you should seek emergency care right away.

Contact an attorney who represents victims of sex crimes. Your lawyer should receive a copy of the official police report that contains the names of witnesses. Filing a criminal case alerts the local district attorney to your case.

Emotional Support Resources

Experiencing sexual harassment can trigger strong, negative emotional responses. You might feel guilt, shame, and/or anxiety. Victims of sex crimes face an even tougher uphill battle emotionally.

Call for Help offers emotional support services for victims of sex crimes and sexual harassment. The organization also connects victims with lawyers and healthcare services. Professionals that specialize in supporting victims emotionally can help you regain the confidence you had before falling victim to a sex crime and/or sexual harassment. You can contact Call for Help by phone at 618-397-0975

The Crisis Text Line has trained crisis counselors ready to respond to any emotional issues that arise after a sex crime. Text HELLO to 741741 to reach one of the trained crisis counselors.

Ask for Sexual Harassment Help

Victims of sex crimes and sexual harassment often conceal their pain because of a wide variety of emotional issues. If you face sexual harassment in the workplace, you should fight back by meeting with your manager or a human resources department representative. You have the right to file a claim with the Illinois Department of Human Rights, as well as file a lawsuit that seeks monetary damages.

There is plenty on your plate, which an employment attorney can help you manage. A lawyer gathers and organizes the evidence required to get your sexual harassment claim approved. Legal counsel also prepares you to file a civil lawsuit. Filing a claim and a civil lawsuit requires you to take action before the expiration of the statute of limitations. Your attorney ensures you file the proper paperwork long before both deadlines.

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