Sexual Harassment Resources in Rhode Island

Sexual harassment at work is unfortunately still quite common in Rhode Island as it is elsewhere across the country. Sexual harassment is illegal in the workplace under both Rhode island state and federal laws. Sexual harassment is treated as a form of workplace sexual discrimination. There are several resources available to victims of workplace sexual harassment in Rhode Island. These include your own employer and HR department, state and federal anti-discrimination agencies and in more extreme cases where a crime of sexual assault has taken place, police departments who can take action against a perpetrator. This article explores some of the main sexual harassment resources available to victims in Rhode Island.

Administrative Resources

There are two main government agencies that deal with cases of sexual harassment.

The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) is the federal agency that enforces Title VII of the Civil Rights Act 1964. This federal legislation prohibits workplace discrimination, including sex discrimination. Cases of sexual harassment are treated as forms of sex discrimination and are illegal. There are penalties attached to allowing sexual harassment to occur in a workplace. The EEOC works with the Rhode Island anti discrimination agency, the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights (RICHR), but investigates sexual harassment cases in places of employment where there are 15 or more employees. The RICHR investigates cases of sexual harassment in places of employment where there are 4 or more employees.

The RICHR enforces state anti discrimination legislation, the Rhode Island Fair Employment Act, which like Title VII makes sex discrimination illegal and within that definition includes sexual harassment in the workplace.

Victims of sexual harassment in Rhode Island who have failed to get their employer to cooperate should file a complaint with either their nearest RICHR office or the nearest EEOC office depending on the size of the workforce where they work. In both cases, a complaint must be submitted within a year of the alleged case of sexual harassment. Either agency will investigate the complaint and do what they can to resolve the issue. In some cases, penalties may be laid against the employer if a clear breach of the worker’s rights has been confirmed. If no resolution is possible, you may be given permission to file a lawsuit against the employer.

The state’s RIHCR office in Providence and contact details are as follows:

Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights

180 Westminster Street, 3rd Floor

Providence, RI 02903

Phone: (401) 222-2661

Fax: (401) 222-2616

TTY (Relay RI): (401) 222-2664

The only EEOC office in Rhode Island is also in Providence:

Equal Employment Opportunities Commission

1 Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908, United States

Phone+1 401-222-3090

Emergency Resources for Victims

If you have been the victim of a sex crime such as an assault or rape, you should contact 911 and follow instructions. If you decide to file a charge against the perpetrator of the assault or rape, you should do so at the nearest police department to where you live. A list of police departments across Rhode Island is given below.

Providence Police Department

Providence, RI, United States

Open 24 hours · +1 401-272-3121

Cranston Police Department

Cranston, RI, United States

Open 24 hours · +1 401-942-2211

East Providence Police Department

East Providence, RI, United States

+1 401-435-7600

Newport Police Department

Newport, RI, United States

+1 401-847-1306

Warwick Police Department

Warwick, RI, United States

+1 401-468-4200

Pawtucket Police Department

Pawtucket, RI, United States

Open 24 hours · +1 401-727-9100

Woonsocket Police Department

Woonsocket, RI, United States

Open 24 hours · +1 401-766-1212

North Providence Police Department

North Providence, RI, United States

West Warwick Police Department

West Warwick, RI, United States

+1 401-821-4323

Lincoln Police Department

Lincoln, RI, United States

Open 24 hours · +1 401-333-1111

Central Falls Police Department

Central Falls, RI, United States

+1 401-727-7411

Barrington Police Department

Barrington, RI, United States

+1 401-437-3935

Charlestown Police Department

Charlestown, RI, United States

+1 401-364-1212

Smithfield Police Department

Smithfield, RI, United States

Open 24 hours · +1 401-231-2500

Narragansett Police Department

Narragansett, RI, United States

Open 24 hours · +1 401-789-1091

Cumberland Police Department

Cumberland, RI, United States

+1 401-333-2500

Foster Police Department

Foster, RI, United States

+1 401-397-3317

North Kingstown Police Department

North Kingstown, RI, United States

Open 24 hours · +1 401-294-3311

North Smithfield Police Department

North Smithfield, RI, United States

Open 24 hours · +1 401-762-1212

Middletown Police Department

Middletown, RI, United States

Opens 8AM · +1 401-846-1144

Emotional Support Resources

Sexual harassment and assault whether it is in the workplace or elsewhere can be an emotionally exhausting and challenging experience. Each state has resources that can help victims of sexual harassment and assault cope with the emotional trauma of their experience. In Rhode Island the main agency is Day One, which is unique in that it deals exclusively with sexual assault and harassment. Contact details are as follows.


Day One

100 Medway Street


Tel: (24 Hour Helpline) 1.800.494.8100


Get Help Today

If you are being sexually harassed, you can report it to the authorities at your job, school, or local law enforcement. If you believe you have been sexually harassed at work fill out a free evaluation form.

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