Oregon Workplace Sexual Harassment

If you suffered workplace sexual harassment in Oregon, you may be able to recover compensation for your damages through a workplace sexual harassment claim against your employer.

There are state and federal laws to protect workers from sexual harassment. If you suffered from workplace sexual harassment while in Oregon, you should make sure you get supporting evidence and documentation for your claim ready and consult with an experienced employment law attorney who represents clients in your state.

What Oregon State Laws Protect against Sexual Harassment?

While there is federal protection against sexual harassment in the workplace through Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Oregon has state laws offering protection as well.

State laws forbid an employer from harassing an employee based on sex or sexual orientation. A formal complaint can be filed against the employer based on the federal or the state law and there could be restitution sought for the damages.

What is Considered Sexual Harassment?

There must be an ongoing issue or pattern that you can prove was a continuous issue, so a single incident is not worthy of a claim.  Be sure to thoroughly document the situation and consistently gather supporting evidence.

Some instances of sexual harassment are more apparent than others. Sexual harassment could include unwelcome sexual advances, requesting sexual favors, and verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature.

Also, harassing an individual about their gender in general is prohibited. An isolated incident or some off-hand comments or teasing would not warrant a sexual harassment claim.

If there are multiple incidents and it leads to a hostile work environment, you have strong grounds for a workplace sexual harassment claim in Oregon.

How is it Covered by Law in Oregon?

Workplace sexual harassment by any employers, labor organizations, or employment agencies is not allowed in Oregon because of state and federal laws.

These employment related organizations are not allowed to retaliate against a person who has opposed practices that were forbidden by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Oregon state laws.

If an employee was sexually harassed against at work, they have basis for a claim and can ask to be compensated for their damages caused by the legal violations.

Where To File A Workplace Sexual Harassment Claim In Oregon

Immediately your employer of the situation and file a workplace sexual harassment claim in a timely fashion in Oregon. Gather evidence, including copies of documentation and ask for written statements from any witnesses.

Look up the details in your employee handbook because it should have the company guidelines for filing a complaint. Some employers do not have a sexual harassment complaint process per say but start the process with your employer by meeting with human resources (HR) or explaining the situation with a supervisor. Documentation is essential to your claim and its success.

Keep evidence of filing the complaint and be sure to keep all correspondence received regarding your claim.  If the issue does not get settled, take your claim to the next level by filing a complaint with a government organization that enforces the state employment laws or Title VII, which could be the labor board or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Your claim will be investigated by an assigned representative, and if they cannot resolve your specific claim, you can file a federal lawsuit against your employer and ask to be compensated for your damages.  

How Long Do I Have To File A Sexual Harassment Claim In Oregon?

Federal law gives a 180-day time limit for pursuing a sexual harassment claim against an employer. However, state laws extend that time limit to 300 days in Oregon.

If you wait until the deadline has passed, you cannot recoup compensation for your damages suffered by the illegal actions. You should act promptly, and start gathering evidence right away.

Getting Help Filing A Sexual Harassment Claim in Oregon

If you are a victim of Oregon workplace sexual harassment, be sure to review the details of your claim with an employment law attorney who handles sexual harassment claims in Oregon.

Experienced employment law attorneys are familiar with the state and federal laws that apply. The lawyer will know the best way to proceed with your claim, can help you gather evidence, and will calculate your total damages.

When you meet with a lawyer, go over their payment options because some require a retainer while others take claims on a contingency basis. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form to share information about your Oregon workplace sexual harassment case.

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