Damages In A Wrongful Termination Case

If you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, you have suffered damages.

As an example, if you have lost earnings because of being wrongfully terminated, you can claim those damages when you pursue a claim against your employer for their actions.

You may also have lost benefits, lost bonuses or pay raises, mental anguish, and legal fees. An employment law attorney can determine your losses.

Lost Wages And Benefits

If you have lost earnings because of being wrongfully terminated from your job, you will be able to claim that as damages when you pursue a claim against your employer.

Most people experience loss of income when they have been fired from their job.

Most people lose income after they have been fired. Also, you may have loss of benefits. You may have medical, dental, and vision insurance through your employer.

If you need care after your termination, you will have to pay those costs out of pocket.

You can ask to be reimbursed for those expenses because if you had not been wrongfully terminated, you would still have had access to the insurance coverage and benefits of your employment.

Be sure to maintain supporting evidence and documentation, so you can prove that you were wrongfully terminated and so you can prove that you lost wages and benefits.

You will need your employment contract, employee handbook, insurance documents, and other records that show your total losses. You will need to itemize your losses and then add them up to get a total for your wrongful termination claim.

Emotional Distress

If you are wrongfully terminated from your job, you can suffer mental anguish and emotional distress caused by the stress of losing your job unexpectedly.

There are emotional consequences associated with job loss, and often, you can relieve those symptoms with counseling, therapy, or medical treatment.

It can be difficult to prove emotional distress, so you will need to get mental health verification. You should see a therapist or counselor or seek care from a psychiatrist.

Do not hesitate to seek medical care because you suffer depression or anxiety because of the sudden termination from your job role.

You should keep your medical records as well as copies of any medical bills and receipts associated with your mental health care because of your emotional distress suffered when you were wrongfully terminated.

Finding A New Job

You will have to start searching for new employment. There is a chance that you can claim out-of-pocket expenses associated with the search for a new job.

Any money spent searching for a new job should be documented. Keep receipts and document everything.

Document mileage, parking fees, transportation costs, meals, and other costs associated with your job search and the travels required to seek new employment.

Of course, a local job search will not be as costly as when you must travel out of the area to seek employment in your field.

You should document all your applications and interviews, keep track of travel and meals, and, also, provide evidence for any expenses associated with overnight stays as necessary if you are traveling out of state.

Legal Expenses

You can also hold your employer responsible for any legal expenses associated with you pursuing your claim. These expenses include attorney’s fees, court costs, and so forth.

Some employment law attorneys require a retainer to be paid in advance and then set an hourly fee or charge for the task, but there are some lawyers who take the case on a contingency basis and are not paid until you win your claim and then recover a percentage of your settlement.

Fill Out A Free Evaluation

If you have been subjected to wrongful termination from your employer, you should complete a Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to learn more about your options.

You do have a statute of limitations, or a limited time, for pursuing a claim after you have been fired wrongfully.

An attorney will be familiar with the state and federal laws and can help you get your claim against your employer underway in an effective and efficient manner before time runs out.

An attorney will be able to review your claim and determine which damages you suffered and come up with a fair value for your settlement.

Do not put off getting the help you need to recover the losses you suffered because you were wrongfully terminated from your job. Pursue a claim against your employer today.


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