3 Common Myths About Sexual Harassment

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There are still many old myths about sexual harassment in the workplace. These rumors or myths can make it difficult for people to fully grasp what sexual harassment is and how someone can be affected or how they can be affected.

Here is a closer look at common myths about sexual harassment and how to proceed with a claim after falling victim to workplace sexual harassment.

Common Workplace Sexual Harassment Myths

There are many common myths about workplace sexual harassment. Here is a closer look at some of those more common myths regarding sexual harassment and how it can occur.

Be sure to gather supporting evidence and documentation to back up your claim. Without evidence to back up your allegations, your workplace sexual harassment claim will not advance to the next level, and you will not recoup compensation for your damages. Here are three of the more common workplace sexual harassment myths:

Myth 1 – Sexual Harassment Is Only Physical

A lot of sexual harassment is verbal. It can consist of offensive comments about an individual’s appearance, unwanted or sexualizing compliments, sexist or sexually explicit jokes, or other actions. It can be sent by digital or electronic correspondence, such by texts, instant messaging, Zoom, or during virtual meetings. Be sure to document everything and keep supporting evidence for your claim.

Myth 2 – Sexual Harassment Only Happens To Women

One of the more common myths about sexual harassment is that it only happens to women and that men are the harassers. That is not at all true. Anyone can be a victim of workplace sexual harassment, and anyone can cause it. Women can harass women, men can harass men, men can harass women, and women can harass men.

Sexual harassment is a real problem, and anyone could fall victim. There are also many reasons for sexual harassment. While some harassment is because of gender, it can be for sexual orientation,

Myth 3 – Working Remotely Makes Sexual Harassment Impossible

Many of the non-physical forms of sexual harassment that apply at the office can also manifest at the home office. Virtual sexual harassment can be a legitimate problem and can happen when an individual is working from home. Sexual harassment that could occur in the home office could include inappropriate text messages, inappropriate images, or explicit emails.

Free Case Evaluation

You only have a limited timeframe for pursuing a workplace sexual harassment claim after an incident. If you believe you have been a victim of workplace sexual harassment, you should complete a free case evaluation form to share the details of your incident with a workplace sexual harassment lawyer.

When you consult with a workplace sexual harassment attorney, discuss their payment options. While some lawyers take such cases on a contingency basis, there are those who charge an hourly rate and require a retainer to be paid in advance. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to share the details about your workplace sexual harassment claim.

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