Sexual Harassment Resources in Pennsylvania

The journey for career growth often includes obstacles that test the most resolute professionals. When one of the obstacles is facing sexual harassment in the workplace, career growth comes to a screeching halt. If you face sexual harassment in the workplace, you should know you have access to sexual harassment resources that turn a major bump in your career journey into a minor speed hurdle to jump over.

Pennsylvania offers professional sexual harassment help in the form of emotional and administrative resources. You also have legal support if you find the right employment law attorney to handle a complaint against your employer. An employment lawyer provides both administrative and emotional support to get you through one of the most difficult periods of your life.

Administrative Resources

You have the right to file a claim against your employer through a state or federal government agency. However, you should look internally at work to start the process of accessing sexual harassment resources.

Your employer has established a process for filing a sexual harassment complaint, which you should find inside the company employee manual. A section devoted to sexual harassment describes how you should proceed with a complaint. Meet with your manager or a representative of the human resources department to find a solution to your complaint. Your employer should then conduct an exhaustive investigation that includes interviewing the co-worker who has committed one or more acts of sexual harassment.

If your employer refuses to take action, you have the right to file a formal sexual harassment complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

The passage of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act created the formation of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission. Filing a complaint against your employer can get you the sexual harassment help you deserve.

The commission conducts an investigation into your complaint, which includes speaking with the manager or human resources representative that handled your original complaint. Access the commission’s File a Complaint page on its website to initiate the process. Make sure to attach any evidence, including the statements given by witnesses. You also can file a sexual harassment complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Emergency Resources for Victims

If sexual harassment in the workplace turns into a sex crime, you must reach out to the proper authorities to address the seriousness of your predicament. Calling 911 alerts the nearest law enforcement agency about the sex crime that took place at work. A detective arrives at your workplace to investigate your allegations, which includes gathering and organizing physical evidence. Forensic specialists search for evidence as well, with a focus on collecting physical evidence that can link your assailant to the crime.

When you meet with a lawyer to discuss your case, the first step after the meeting might be the filing of criminal charges against the alleged assailant.

Emotional Support Resources

Enduring sexual harassment in the workplace can cause emotional distress that negatively affects your personal and professional relationships. You might withdraw from social interactions, as well as see your productivity diminish at work. The State of Pennsylvania offers several sexual harassment resources that focus on providing emotional support.

Victims Resource Center

The Victims Resource Center provides victims of sexual harassment with information concerning their rights and responsibilities, as well as which emotional support services work best for their cases. Calling the 24 hours per day hotline gets you immediate emotional support before you schedule an appointment with one of the many sexual harassment resources that participate in the vast network.

You also have access to the city and regional emotional support services, such as the Philadelphia Sexual Assault Response Center. This source of sexual harassment helps provide forensic services that collect physical evidence of a sex crime.

Get Sexual Harassment Help Today

Accessing the right sexual harassment resources can help you recover from the emotional trauma of verbal abuse and unwanted sexual advances. Both state and federal governments provide helpful services that address sexual harassment issues. However, the most important of the sexual harassment resources available to you is an employment law attorney who specializes in handling sexual harassment claims.

Your lawyer helps you regain your dignity by exploring every legal option that pertains to your case. An attorney acts as an intermediary between you and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, as well as decides whether you should file a civil lawsuit against your employer. If you take your complaint to trial, your lawyer acts as your legal advocate before the court.

Submit the free case evaluation form today to schedule a meeting with an employment law attorney.

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